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An entertaining and morbid jaunt down the rabbit hole of true crime.

Episode 30 – Marianne Nölle & Other Angels of Mercy/Death

Listen as Lindsay and Haley discuss Marianne Nölle, a nursing assistant turned Angel of Mercy (aka a serial killer who uses their posistion in the medical field as a means to prey on victims). Due to the limited information available about Nölle, the 2 Weirdos picked four more Angels of Mercy (Genene Anne Jones, Kristen Gilbert, Elizabeth Wettlaufer, and Daniela Poggiali) to discuss on Episode 30. 

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  1. Can\’t seem to see a way to download the episode. Is there a link for them or do you have to stream them on the site?

    • Andru,
      I don\’t believe there is a way to download episodes directly from the website. You can stream them on the website, or you can use the iTunes podcast app or the Stitcher podcast app to download episodes. Please let me know if those options don\’t work for you!

      Thank you,
      Haley and Lindsay

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