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An entertaining and morbid jaunt down the rabbit hole of true crime.

Episode 35.5 – It’s Little Old Me, Herpes

Lindsay and Haley begin the mini-episode by ranting about a review. The 2 Weirdos also dive into a story about the time Haley had Herpes for 3 months. The episode ends with a bedtime story from Lindsay.


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  1. I\’m listening to 35.5 and am bothered on behalf of you awesome ladies. Your podcast is engaging and informative while being humorous. Your back and forth banter always makes me laugh. I especially like how you both go along with an outrageous stream of consciousness the other one offers. Such fun! I\’ve laughed and learned from each episode and want you both to know how much I appreciate your work. Thank you

    • Anita,
      Thank you for reaching out to us! We are so glad that you find CK engaging and informative, as well as humorous. That\’s exactly how we want to come off, so it\’s great to hear we are hitting the mark. We are truly glad that you have laughed and learned from each episode! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you think – it really does mean everything to us.
      Thank you again,
      Lindsay and Haley

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